About Publication Day

This is it… My first book, Biography of a Friendship, is about to take flight after safely landing at Tule’s nonfiction imprint, and next to its amazingly imaginative fiction authors. It took ten years to complete, including much time spent in the doldrums for me, and in a drawer for my manuscript. 

When I promised to my dying friend that I’d write a book about all of this, I meant us; as decades-long friends shattered by her stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis. I also meant her; as my ever-matter-of-fact friend with a colorful life. It would be a biographical novel. 

But, emotionally paralyzed by my loss, I couldn’t bring myself to start writing until I stumbled upon NaNoWriMo, and I dived in. Without an outline, my first draft was very disjointed, and it left me cold. But thanks to happenstance, I met a memoirist. She said I wouldn’t find my voice unless I spoke for myself.  I had to rewrite this novel as a memoir. And so, MC became I.

I wrote Biography of a Friendship to help other women, two friends like us, perhaps. Two friends contemplating their new life because one is dying. Although Juliette asked me to accompany her to the end of her final journey, it wasn’t the story I wanted to write. There was much more to my friend’s life and our friendship than her illness. There would also be much more to the story than I could have imagined. 

There was no balking when a thought emerged from my unconscious mind. This part of my creative nonfiction journey wouldn’t leave me alone until perspective completed its arc. Until all was clear. Only introspection would give me that perspective. It was difficult and time-consuming. 

In this story of a friendship, my friend’s illness became the vehicle that took me back to my memories of us and made me ponder our then-present and its unknown. When it stopped, my journey continued. Until it unexpectedly led me to flick the light on the shadows of my life.  

In the end, that journey became more of a crusade, but it brought me peace. I hope it will help other women find theirs.