Publication in Sight

You have heard it: Things happen to those who keep trying. I have known this to be true for one reason: it didn’t happen to those who gave up.

And yet, one can’t help thinking there is luck in it.

After much research and hesitation, I was about to sign a self-publishing contract with a consulting agency when happenstance… happened!

So, yes, there is a bit of luck involved.

As a result, my manuscript is in the hands of an independent publisher, who believes that my story of a friendship must be shared. Because sharing their stories is how women help each other.

Publication is set for March 14-th, 2024: a very auspicious date for the book to take flight.

In the background of this lively narrative about a friendship shaken by pancreatic cancer is the candid story of two unapologetic women.

Since a memoir is about an author’s real-life experience, the writing has been a time of self-reflection and analysis. As it should, it ends with a resolution – a catharsis, for a better sense of well-being.

Stay tuned!

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